Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Lotion: Product Recall {Beauty Notes-News}

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A public service announcement: Fresh has announced today that they are recalling one of their beauty products called Umbrian Clay Face Lotion due to a "technical issue",

"November 26, 2007

Fresh is committed to continually providing customers with innovative and high quality products. In the very rare case that a technical issue does arise, we implement immediate corrective action. Recently, we discovered that the Umbrian Clay Face Lotion does not meet our high quality standards; and because we truly value our customer’s experience when using Fresh products, we are asking customers to return this product to our distribution center.

For return and refund instructions or additional information, please contact Monica Monteiro, manager customer management.

Telephone: 732-346-6782 "

As of this evening it is still up on the Sephora website

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  1. In my late twenties, I tried just about every moisturizer I could find including rarified ingredient boutique lotions but my skin remained dry, hot, itchy, flaky, and I was seeing laugh lines around my eyes.

    I was about to give up hope until my mothercame to visit and bought me the made from earth Vitamin Enhanced FACE FIRMING serum. This at the full $50price. I have been using it ever since. On the occasions I do try other lotions, they never measure up.

    My skin thanked me after the first application. After a few days, it looked better, was less red, less chapped - I love that all MADE FROM EARTH products are chemical free. Within a month or two (or less, I don't remember after 7 years) I had no lines near my eyes, my skin feels soft and comfortable unless I abuse it. When I abuse it, this lotion makes it feel better.

    People consistently guess my age to be 5-8 years younger than I am even though I have grey hair. While they swear it's not because of the immaturity..

    I almost never need more than a tiny amount the size of a pencil eraser to cover my face, neck and hands. (Keep the cap or it dries out.) I recommend it to anyone looking for a facial moisturizer that works as good or better than advertised. Absolutely worth the money.

    you can find them at


    • Thanks for the recommendation! It looks like something worth checking out indeed.

      Chant Wagner

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