Cannabis Rose by Fresh (2008) {New Perfume}

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Fresh will launch its own interpretation of a rose fragrance in the spring of 2008 with Cannabis Rose, a companion scent to Cannabis Santal introduced in 2006. It aims to be a more feminine adaptation of the original cannabis accord. Cannabis Santal, although marketed as a unisex perfume, reportedly tends to be perceived as a masculine scent......


The unlikely combination illustrated by Cannabis Rose and developed by Robertet will feature top notes of Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot; heart notes of jasmine, cannabis accord, dark chocolate; base notes are white musk, patchouli, and Oolong tea.

The line will include a 3.4 oz eau de parfum for $85, a bath and shower gel, 10 oz. for $28, and body cream, 6.8 oz for $85.

The perfume will be exclusively released in the Fresh boutiques in February of 2008 and elsewhere, including, in April.

(Source: Cosmetic World) 

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  1. Fresh and I haven't had a lot of luck--they seem linear on me, and they get more shrill throughout the day. Maybe a bit of stoner will calm it down.

  2. ha i rushed to the fresh store in the new palazzo in las vegas today and sprayed on the new cannabis rose. it started out as a typical rose which then developed a green "wilted leafy" smell, perhaps the oolong tea and patchouli? anyway i was thinking "nothing spectacular about the scent" but then in about two hours as i was baking a brownie the chocolate smell combined with the drydown and oh what a lovely scent it developed into! maybe if they amped the chocolate notes it would smell better but then whats the point in calling it cannabis rose, right? the sillage was not that great butr would still buy it for just everyday wear. what do you guys think?

    michael lee
  3. I love it. My first day wearing it. At first it smells maily of roses but during the day it mellow out to this soft complex smell that smells like no one i know. I smell a little like chocolate and vanilla naturally so it works well on me. I would not suggest it. I want to keep this scent all to myself ;-)

  4. I heard this month before but couldn't find it in HK which made me disappointed. it is launching now and I bought it yesterday. It is amazing and out of my expectation with long lasting and pleasant scent.

  5. I thought that the rose and vanilla accord in it is absolutely lovely and even exquisite.


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