Les Néréides Perfumes in Travel Size, Violet Essence Pomander & Jewelry {Shopping Tip}

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We received a tip regarding the possibility to purchase the new limited edition Bijou de Parfum by Les Néréides online at a reduced price of 279 € here, for lovers of jewelry and violet scent........


Olivolga also carries the full range of Les Néréides perfumes and what is noteworthy, their 25 ml or 0.85 oz. travel size as well for 15 € or US $ 22.

The 100 ml size is currently available for 35 € or US $ 51 but the price is going to change very soon to 45 €. They ship internationally.

We should do a post on travel sizes and sample programs as it seems that the idea of selling smaller purse size or travel size perfumes is picking up significantly this fall and sample sources are also more numerous than we thought initially.

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