Passage No.4, Passage No.8, Passage No.9 in La Collection Particulière by Christian Dior: 2 Sets of Muses {New Perfumes}

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After an initial foray into the more modernist universe of niche fragrances with its three colognes designed by its former artistic director Hedi Slimane, Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche, and Bois d'Argent, Christian Dior will introduce a new exclusive ensemble of perfumes on November 19 2007 called La Collection Particulère designed by John Galliano and created by perfumer François Demachy.

It is composed of three Haute-Parfumerie fragrances named Passage No.4, Passage No.8, and Passage No.9, each being inspired by a famous model and muse that has marked the Dior style and representing a different facet of femininity. Interestingly enough, two different trios of models are cited, one seemingly more French, one more international, one older generation, one newer generation, depending on the source. In this manner for example Passage No.8 is associated both with Lucky and Kate Moss.....

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Kate Moss
Passage No. 4 is inspired by Stella Tenant and associated also with France and is described as a rose and amber perfume. It illustrates an androgynous and dandy aspect of femininity. 
Passage No. 8 is dedicated to Kate Moss and is a powdery iris and violet fragrance. It wants to evoke the mysterious side of femininity.
Passage No.9 is inspired by Gisele Bündchen and associated with Victoire and is a tuberose perfume exalted by Sambac Jasmine. This is the carnal, voluptuous side of femininity.
La Collection Particulière celebrates the 60 years of existence the Dior brand (only!... it feels quite longer than that) and the 10 years of creation of John Galliano. The perfumes target women who are particularly passionate about perfume. Marketing plans to rely on word of mouth.
Each fragrance bottled in a recreation of the amphora-like Dior perfume flacon originally designed by Fernant Guéry-Colas and manufactured by verreries Brosses will retail for 320€. They will be available in 30 boutiques worldwide and online on the Dior site.
(Sources: Cosmétique Mag, Maxi Tendance)

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  1. Do you know where on the Dior site we can find more info? I can't seem to locate any.

    Also, will they be sold as a set or individually for 320€? They sound so interesting!

  2. Hi William,

    I think that the info is not yet up on their site.

    The perfumes are priced individually at 320 €.

    If I receive more details I will post them on the website.


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