Pine & Eucalyptus Living Cologne by Jo Malone {New Perfume}

Pine & Eucalyptus Jo Malone.jpg


Jo Malone is issuing a Limited-Edition perfume called Pine & Eucalyptus, which combines the concepts of a skin scent and a home fragrance, hence the name of the fragrance, Living Cologne, a reference to its studied diffusive power rather than to the Living-Flower technology.....

From the ad copy,

"Savor the season with Pine & Eucalyptus, a limited-edition scent from Jo Malone that captures the essence of winter. The crisp aroma of sweet pine is woven with velvety eucalyptus to create a revitalising fragrance.  A first-of-its-kind, Living Cologne is a brilliant way to scent your skin and extend to infuse any environment."

A 200 ml bottle retails for $95 and should be shortly available here

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