Déjà Vu, Déjà Vu Rodin, Déjà Vu David & Venus, Déjà Vu 2, Déjà Vu Gay by Rothenstein Parfums {Spotlight on a Perfume Brand} {Fragrance News}


We happened by chance on the site of a perfume brand that is very little known. We were not able to find one press article about them.

Rothenstein Parfums is a fragrance house offering several collections of perfumes and seems better publicized in Germany as they are succintly cited on German websites although they reportedly hail from France. Among their different lines, one in particular is intriguing, the Déjà Vu collection of fragrances dedicated to the art of love with references going from tantric love to homosexual love in passing by a homage paid to the famous sculpture by Rodin, Le Baiser -The Kiss. The flacons are each surmounted by a sculpture.

The perfumes were created by some renowned and lesser-known French perfumers including Francis Camail (Balmain Ivoire, Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien, Réminiscence Patchouli, Bond No. 9 Little Italy) Anne Flipo, Paulette Laropoli, Jean-Paul Thebault........

The first Déjà Vu perfume decorated with an erotic sculpture is a fruity oriental created by Francis Camail.

Anne Flipo composed Déjà Vu Rodin described as being flowery, fresh, and "magic".

David & Venus is a semi-oriental by Paulette Laropoli. The flacon unites David by Michelangelo and Aphrodite by Milo.

Déjà Vu 2 is the impression created by angels falling in love and is said to be a rich fruity-floral, "like a trip to Rio." Author is not mentioned.

Déjà Vu Gay was created by Jean-Paul Thebault. It is a "provocative-classical" fragrance. 

All the scents retail each for 59 €. Miniatures are available for some of them as well as deluxe 23 or 24 K gold versions.



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  1. This is very interesting as i have never heard of these perfumes before... Do you happen to know when they where actually created and if they are still around today??
    Thankyou!! :)

    • No, but what I am thinking after giving some thought to it is that the name Déjà Vu might imply that they specialize in derivative scents. I haven't heard anymore from that brand.

      Chant Wagner
  2. Dear Mrs. Wagner,
    very astonished I was to see our perfumes in your beautifull and great website.
    It is a pitty that our fragrances are not very known in the net. But we have still a website. This is www.rothenstein.com for informations. And for buying this perfumes we published now a very new website: www.yes-buy.me
    For further informations please contact by mail: schulz@rothenstein.com
    Have a nice day

    Norbert Schulz

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