Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosges: The Latest Idea in Chocolate Decadence {Fragrant Recipe}



As far as we're concerned we're still feeling the atmosphere of the holiday season and are bent on prolonging it. Decadently rich food is one of the signs that this time of the year rings in a time for deep self- indulgence.

Vosges is a chocolate brand which proposes a range of chocolate bars offering quirky adventurous taste associations. They do not hesitate to mix savory and sweet for example or to add red chili - in the spirit of a molé - Wasabi, or black olives to their recipes.

Their latest creation is Mo's Bacon Bar in their collection titled Exotic Chocolate Bars . As one can see, it is based on the idea that the rustic bacon has its place of honor in a fancy niche chocolate bar......

How does it taste?

The taste is slightly salty and smoky (Applewood smoked bacon, Alder smoked salt) and the bacon is most definitely present.

We think that the taste is fine, rather interesting but that the texture is a little bit "rough" in the end as the hardened pieces of fried bacon remain in your mouth after the chocolate (41 % milk chocolate) has melted away. But it is worth trying at least once, although your complexion will not thank you for it. Next, you can probably expect dried shrimp or fish in your thrill-seeking Vosges bar.

The brand offers the option of offering coffrets of chocolate bars which make great gifts for the curious gourmets.

A bar retails at $7. Some of them can be found at Whole Foods; the whole range is available on their website.

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