Oudh Perfume by Ajmal: It Is About Beauty, Not Money {The 5th Sense in the News}


Business 24/7 reports about a particular extremely fine-grade limited edition oudh perfume in the Dahn Al Oudh collection created by Ajmal, a fragrance brand based in the United Arab Emirates. The scent is dedicated mainly to the beauty of oudh, profits being secondary in this case.

It is a noteworthy attempt to maintain balance between profit and cultural dedication to the art of fragrance thanks also to the support of customers that are collectors. Since 2005, 1000 flacons have been sold and 1500 more are available. A 12 ml flacon of this perfume retails for 5,000 Dirhams or US $ 1,360.......

"According to Nazir Ajmal, chief operating officer and chief perfumer at Ajmal, the product is designed as a tribute to oriental fragrances and sales revenue is only secondary to that. “It is a collector’s item designed for connoisseurs of fine oriental fragrances and such items don’t really add to the overall sales figures. It is a product for our valued consumers to cherish for a lifetime.”

The perfume is marketed to both men and women, although about 70 per cent of buyers are women. The price is driven by the key ingredient oud, which is becoming a rare oil.

Oud comes from agarwood. Also known as aloeswood, heartwood, or eaglewood, agarwood is not actually wood but forms as a resinous substance deep inside some kinds of trees from Southeast Asia. The aromatic resin is sticky and malleable and forms within Aquilaria trees."
A tribute to Oriental scent...... 

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