Nice-Smelling Cigarettes Are Still, Nay, Even More Dangerous For Your Health {The 5th Sense in the News}

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We don't know if the new patent called "LSS - Less Smoke Smell" that the third largest tobacco corporation in the world, Japan Tobacco International wants to apply for would be really effective - cigarettes reek anyway - but at least they are trying to dispel the bad-omen smells associated with cigarette consumption. Of course under this semblance of "improvement" brought to our collective quality of life or rather that of Canadians as the action seems to concentrate in that country for now, public health issues debated ad infinitum by the tobacco industry and health groups would only be further blurred rather than solved. Rather aptly and ironically the new cigarettes are called "Mirage Cigarettes" and like an odorless gas they might kill you even more surely apparently. This, shall we call it, "cosmetic cigarette", is considered even more dangerous by watch-groups and denounced by them. The tobacco people were just trying to pacify the Canadians who are noted for their hyper-sensitivity to manufactured smells in the public space..........

As reported by,

"Japan Tobacco has applied for a Canadian patent for its smell-masking technique. The patent's title is "Method of fixing flavorant which improves sidestream smoke smell of tobacco and cigarette." It states that a "smell-improving agent" comprising an ethanol or propylene glycol solution is applied to the cigarette paper.

Rob Cunningham, a lawyer with the Canadian Cancer Society, says the Mirage cigarettes undermine efforts made to ensure people smoke outside their homes and vehicles so others aren't exposed to second-hand smoke.

"This is an example of the bottomless creativity of tobacco companies to market their products," said Cunningham. "Give them an inch, and they take 10 miles."

Critics raise stink about cigarettes with less tobacco smell....... 


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