9 Montale Fragrances in 2007 {New Perfumes}


Here is a latter day announcement about 9 Montale perfumes that were released in 2007. They are are: Chocolate Greedy, Fruits of the Musk, Musk to Musk, Boisé Vanille, Roses Musk, White Aouds, Aoud Blossom, Aoud Flowers, and Aoud Velvet (cf. list of new releases on the Montale website with descriptions of notes). ......

Pierre Montale, one of the more discreet perfumers in the milieu, has consecrated his work to establishing a bridge between Middle Eastern and European perfumery traditions. The noble material aoud is a recurring leitmotiv in his compositions and the basis of a separate collection.

We make the wish for 2008 to delve into his creations more.

All of his more recent releases are available on the Parfums Raffy site. Sample programs are also available. Raffy Dolbakian said in a previous interview in The Scented Salamander that,

"The entire Montale line is the most underrated fragrance line in my opinion. It's one of our top sellers at our retail location in Sherman Oaks because customers can try the fragrances while visiting. But since it is not advertised there are a lot of fragrance aficionados out there who have never been introduced to the line and it's a shame."

We need to explore the line further in order to find the perfectly decadent and decaying oud we imagine is there, but have not found yet.


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