New Horizons for Fragrance Communications {The 5th Sense in the News}


Technology to communicate scent sensations in public areas and via the internet continues to develop. Spectrum Online whose audience are "Tech Insiders" reports on progresses in the field,

"If you thought the art of communication had reached its zenith in multimedia technology’s ability to grab the attention of our eyes and ears through text, video, and sound, think again. Japan’s NTT Communications Corp., of Tokyo, is busy developing its Kaori Tsushin, or Fragrance Communications, as a way to pull our noses into the equation. The telecom and network services company has come up with an Internet-linked fragrance system that can be used to generate a wide variety of scents on demand with the aim of heightening experiences, influencing moods, and maybe opening wallets. [....]

It all started in a rather unusual way,

The first instance of its use was in December 2004 when the company hooked up an Aromageur—a small sphere-shaped fragrance dispenser for rooms and personal use—to a PC used for telling fortunes at an Internet café. The type of fragrance released would depend on the fortune being delivered."

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Image of an Aromageur from Digital Lifestyles 

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