A Small Scottish Town Is Not Allowed To Carry Chanel {The 5th Sense in the News}

Leven, Fife
In an intriguing and revealing piece of news, it is reported that a small town in Scotland, Leven, Fife, was considered to be too working class to carry Chanel products in an effort to protect the brand's image of luxury. The town's inhabitants were therefore not able to make their perfume holiday purchases at home, but had to travel 8 miles to a Boots branch located in Kirkcaldy.......

Apparently Chanel always conducts audits before letting a retailer carry its products looking at the store itself and the proximity of undesirable businesses such as in this case, bars and bookies.

"Snub riles Scots town

SNOOTY French perfume maker Chanel is snubbing a Scots town by refusing to allow its posh scents to be sold there.

Christmas shoppers hunting for a bottle of Chanel in Leven, Fife, were on a hopeless mission this year after the Paris-based fashion house declared the town too low class for its luxury range.

High Street shops in the former resort and mining town on Scotland's East coast, were judged inappropriate by the brand after it carried out an "audit" of the area." [....]

A Chanel spokeswoman defended the firm's stance and said: "We value all our consumers hugely, many of whom have shown loyalty to the brand over many years."

(Source: The Daily Star of Scotland, Jan 2, 2008; image from Visit Scotland.com) 



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  1. Uh huh....this is a little discriminating, isn't it? A whole town??? Wasn't there any place that could house the fumes?
    It just doesn't reflect well.

  2. I think the reason why the journalist is able to generalize is because that store is located on a high street.

    It is interesting to see that socio-economic factors outside the store and questions of appearances are taken into account. Apparently, as I understand it, Chanel's comments were more about the types of businesses that were deemed unsuitable rather than based on an evaluation of their revenues. Otherwise they could just look at economic statistics for the town or neighborhood.

    It is once more an affirmation about the fact that perfumes are not just about the "jus" but about context too.

    PS: Sorry, but I couldn't find a link to the original article and I can't reproduce it whole due to fair usage clause regarding copyrights.

  3. Chanel's American In Paris

    from last January's Business week article.


    this may shed some light.

  4. Great article, Thanks!


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