Demeter Be My Valentine, Call Me, Love Me (2008): Say It With Flowers {New Fragrances}


Demeter have launched three new floral fragrances for this Valentine's Day inspired by the spirit of love and once again by American pop culture. Be My Valentine, Call Me, and Love Me are perfume interpretations of the Necco conversation hearts (In 2008, Necco will be offering love and weather forecasting messages!). The perfumes are in fact all described as "romantic floral bouquets" rather than to-the-letter candied gourmand fragrances.

Be My Valentine is " A unique, sparkling scent with peach skin, strawberry leaf, caramelized sugar and ylang ylang that captures the magic of Valentine’s Day itself in a bottle, all year around."......

Call Me is described as "An unusual combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus and white rose, this scent is simply irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with it."

Love Me is "The most delicate of the Necco Sweethearts, this is a transparent and light fruity floral containing orange, lemon, bergamot, peach, white rose, ylang, subtle skin musk
and soft  vanilla, to be shared, but only up close and personal." 

Mini 1/2 oz splashes are available for $5 each, a good idea to start sampling them or for keeping them as a collection in your purse. A 1 oz cologne retails for $20 and 4 oz for $39.50. A calming lotion and a bath & shower gel are also available and are currently on sale for $14.50 and $11.50 respectively.

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