Versace Pour Homme (2008): A Return To Simplicity {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}



Versace is going to introduce a new cologne called Versace Pour Homme, inspired by a return to Mediterranean roots and Donatella Versace's father. He loved to wear neroli and the scent features this note. Interestingly, Versace is promoting this time a minimalist approach to perfume composition thinking that too many fragrances in the market are too ornamented and made with too many notes. Versace wanted its scent to smell simple and strong....

Alberto Morillas is the perfumer for this aromatic fougère which,

"features top notes of bergamot, neroli, bitter orange leaves and citron of diamante, a large fruit found in southern Italy; middle notes of geranium, clary sage, blue hycinth and cedarwood, and drydown notes of oud wood, mineral amber, tonka beans and musk.

The eau de toilette collection includes a 50-ml. version of the scent for $55 and a 100-ml. size for $72. Prices are for the U.S. There's also an aftershave lotion ($55) and an aftershave balm ($40), both of which are 100 ml., as well as deodorant stick ($22 for 75 ml.) and hair and body shampoo ($32 for 250 ml.)."

The perfume will be rolled out from April 2008 and should reach the States in August.  

If it is anything as good as Versace The Dreamer, it is one to look forward to. 

(Source: WWD

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  1. Just purchased the 100ml size after trying several fragrances. WOW,... this is the best in a long while.

    You've gotta try it.

    Bobby Harsell
  2. Received as a gift from Russia;)
    Outstanding 100 ml of beautiful fragrance. Fresh and long-lasting...
    Highly recommended.

  3. I got the 100ml size for christmas and it's really good!

    If ur looking for a new perfume, buy this one

    Kim Nilsen

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