Etat Libre d'Orange Tom of Finland (2008): The New Prudish Gay Scent {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}


Etat Libre d'Orange is on the verge of launching its new fragrance, Tom of Finland. WWD reports that the Tom of Finland foundation, which commissioned it, requested that it, "does not disturb the odor of men,".

The perfumer-composer for the fragrance is Antoine Lie and to him it had to smell like "a guy coming out of a shower. He's clean, but not fragranced. And he puts on leather pants.". There is also an outdoorsy aspect to the scent and themes of "metal, leather, sensuality, beauty and radiance" inspired by Tom of Finland's drawings. Perfume wearers will be carded -- that's right -- as a suggestive sketch is part of the outer packaging. You will have to be 21 in the US and 18 elsewhere (how will you be able to buy it over the phone?)

Well, it looks like it will be the first non-liberated Etat Libre d'Orange and will serve to underline all the straight-laced Victorian values surviving from the era of our great-great-let me add one more-great grand-fathers .....

Isn't that funny and paradoxical? You will have to wear a large overcoat to buy the fragrance as well just to keep it hidden underneath..... 

Notes include a crumpled leaf, suede, metal, pepperwood, iris, tonka, vetiver, and musks.

"The 50-ml. eau de parfum spray is to retail in Europe for 75 euros, or $110 at current exchange. The scent will be launched in the Paris-based Etat Libre d'Orange store, online at and exclusively in the U.K.'s Harvey Nichols at the end of next month. It then will be rolled out in June exclusively in Canada at Holt Renfrew and in the U.S., among other countries."

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(Source: WWD)

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  1. What should be intended by "not disturb the odor of men" ? It's rather a strange request.

    Octavian Coifan
  2. Hoo boy - and I though Tom Ford had a risque' ad campaign! So you have to be an adult to even LOOK at the package. That's one marketing ploy that has not been used until now!

  3. What should be intended by "not disturb the odor of men" ? It's rather a strange request.

    I would take it to mean it enhances the natural clean fresh out of the shower smell of a man's skin

    Not strange at all - if you want to maintain that fresh clean scent during the day.

  4. Can you please inform us
    about availability of the
    perfum Tom of Finland
    in Belgium?

    Kindly regards


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