Estée Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze Heralds Spring (2008) {New Fragrance}



Estée Lauder have introduced a new flanker to Pure White Linen, itself a modernized, more transparent version of White Linen. The new addition, as always fronted by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is called Pure White Linen Light Breeze and is described as a sparkling citrus and floral. It rests also on a Darjeeling tea accord......


Top Notes: Sparkling Breeze Accords
Signature accents comprised of Darjeeling Tea blended with mesmerizing citrus accents of Bergamot, Orange Zest and White Grapefruit suggest a youthful and effervescent freshness. Watery Kumquat enhances the freshness with a modern and delectable fruitiness.
The brand promises tenacity allied with lightness as the scent is said to linger on for hours.

Middle Notes: Vibrant Breeze Accords
The floral heart is a blend of radiant Yellow Freesia petals entwined in Osmanthus, Linden Flowers and a veil of silken Rose petals, to embellish the signature freshness.

Dry Down: Lingering Breeze Accords
Luxurious Teak Wood fused with Cedarwood and a Soft Skin Accord provide sensuality, richness and a lingering impression to the background. A drop of precious Acacia Honey brings a sense of luxurious softness.

The perfume retails between $35 and $65. A body lotion is also available.

(Source: Estée Lauder website) 

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