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In 2006 Guerlain added Mayotte to its collection of re-editions called Les Parisiennes. It was made immediately clear that it was a re-bottling of the failed Mahora issued in 2000 -- an Eau de Toilette version had also been issued in 2001 -- in an attempt to propose anew this tropical, not-so-Parisian scent. (The original name was not kept due to legal reasons and the fact that it had not been officially registered.) In fact, Mayotte is arguably the most American-smelling of the perfumes created by the venerable French house thanks to its all-out tropical white-flower personality put together with its linear character.

Some questions arose on this blog as to whether it was exactly the same fragrance or a different composition claiming a link to Mahora. For US-based customers who can easily access numerous online discounters, it is an especially pertinent question to ask as the prices for Mayotte and Mahora differ vastly. The first one is 140 €, the second one can be had for cheap...


Without going into a detailed description of both scents here, we wanted to point out that they do differ. Mayotte is like a Mahora stripped out of its more difficult dry spices in the top notes and with added texture and complexity in the development which remains nevertheless linear in nature. While it cannot be said that Mahora is unassuming, the original impression of tropical richness has been amplified, exaggerated even more in Mayotte. The idea of an exuberant creamy white tropical bouquet here offers a billowing sensation. Imagine Scarlett O'Hara waltzing in an over-the-top white crinoline. A rich, slightly peppery and more discernable tuberose comes to the fore resting on a bed of salty cream (vetiver).

The ingredients in Mayotte come across as more luxurious, more expansive (no pun intended) and explain the price point. Mayotte is one of the lushest tropical white florals one could hope to wear and should not be missed out on by amateurs of the genre as well as by people who appreciate the occasional extravagant and intoxicating perfume. It is the Real McCoy of white tropical florals.

Mayotte: Top notes are neroli and frangipani. Heart notes are tuberose, ylang, and Indian jasmine. Base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and vetiver.

The perfume is available in Guerlain boutiques. 


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