Hilary Duff Wrapped With Love (2008) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}


Singer Hilary Duff is releasing her second signature fragrance called Wrapped With Love, which comes after With Love (2006), one of the decent-smelling celebrity fragrances one can find in the market.

Reading the ad copy makes one think that Wrapped With Love might be a dumbed down version of With Love given the heavy stress put on very commercial tooth-achingly sweet notes. Honestly, the description alone could send a diabetic person into a coma,

"Reminiscent of Hilary's favorite things, the fragrance offers up an absolutely irresistible white mousse chocolate note, wrapped in a combination of milk and vanilla beans..... 

...highlighted by sun-kissed raspberries. Hilary radiates youthful energy, so hints of citrus are paired with iced honeydew and delicate floral notes.

The notes in Wrapped With Love were inspired by Hiulary's fun and flirtatious side. The result is a delectable fragrance with a signature scent -- a soft background showcasing sweet notes." 

The perfume notes and the pink packaging all point to a more girlish version of With Love, a fragrance that precisely wanted to showcase Hilary's more mature side.

There will be a spring gift box available at the beginning of February, on time for Valentine's Day. 


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  1. I love "with love".I can't wait to smell this one!

  2. like OMG i cant wait until Hilary Duff's new perfume comes out i really loved the With Love one and cant wait until her new one comes out and cant wait to smell it :)
    15 yrs old :)

    lollie tarbet
  3. nice site and i really love wrapped with love

  4. I love this fragrence! I hate the fact that some people aren't willing to try certain perfumes just because of the celeb. that is on the case. They say crap like "I wouldn't want to smell like hilary duff" or whatever celeb is on it. It's just idiotic who says that those celebs even wear that perfume!

  5. omg dis perfume is so cool i can wait 2 get it

  6. I hope it's sweet :)) but it's very expensive in Bulgaria (for me) :(


    • It is indeed sweet. That's too bad. If you had a friend in the US, he or she could find it for you at dirt cheap prices. Or try a discounter that has reasonable international shipping prices.

      Chant Wagner

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