KNO, JDP, & GWW by Uslu Airlines & Bernhard Willhelm: Winter Light Catchers {Beauty Notes}


Cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines has partnered with creative director Bernhard Willhelm and issued three new nail polishes in subdued metallic colors meant to dress your nails, not just in any season, but in winter.....

They are called, as usual, after an imagined flight destination: KNO - Knokke/het Zout = Gold Metallic (Belgium),  JDP - Héliport de Paris = Red Metallic, and GWW - Berlin Royal Air Force Gatow = Blue Metallic. The cool concept here is that the tints were designed to optimally catch winter light, an idea that could only have been born in a northern country!

They are available at Colette for 22 € each.

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