Pacifica Persian Rose Candle {Home Fragrance Review} Scented Quote of the Day, from Saadi...{Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day Challenge - Day 4}

Pacifica started their business in 1995 as a candle-making company and later branched out into beauty care. Their scented body butters are very good as we have had already the opportunity to point out, both from the vantage points of texture and perfume. Some for the latter part, are better than others. We discovered them through their creams, tried their soaps and eaux de toilette too, and lastly sniffed their candles. The scented candles, did not beckon us immediately as they seemed to be on the strong side and to lack some subtlety, at least when not burning. Nevertheless, we decided to try Persian Rose, which offers a rather enthralling true dewy fruity rose scent as captured in the cold soy wax.....

The candle is named Persian Rose in reference to the Damascena Rose or Bulgarian Rose which originated in Persia. We hoped it would offer some of the sensation of stepping inside a garden where the roses sung by Saadi would be blooming as the fire let the essences of rose, violet, and myrrh volatilize into the atmosphere.

The dream of a Persian rose garden, alas for us, was blurred by the superimposing smell of the melting wax that recalled only too well that the rose here was imprisoned in a glass and a candle. The rose perfume itself also tends to become less subtle as the candle burns, losing its freshness and beguiling fresh carnality, offering less finesse although pleasing deep fruity nuances remain. At time, the scent becomes even too heady and can be headache inducing.

The throw however is good. It is a decent scented rose candle if you do not mind a lesser "air-freshener" reference, which might be a justifiable position based on the reasonable price points offered by Pacifica. If you insist on genuine refinement, it is probably best to look elsewhere.

We can close today's rose post with a quote by the poet Saadi taken from his Golestan (garden of roses),

"A sweet-smelling piece of clay, one day in the bath,

Came from the hand of a beloved one to my hand.

I asked: "Art thou musk or ambergris?

Because thy delicious odor intoxicates me" 

It replied: "I was a despicable lump of clay;

But for a while in the society of a rose.

The perfection of my companion took effect on me

And, if not, I am the same earth, which I am" 

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