Thierry Mugler AngelMEN Pure Coffee (2008) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Thierry Mugler will release a limited edition of AngelMEN sub-titled Pure Coffee in mid-April of 2008. The original AngelMEN or A* Men was introduced in 1996 followed by B* Men in 2004.

This new version takes as a point of departure a coffee note that was already present in A*Men, but which thanks to "new CO2 technology allowed the company to extract a natural note directly from Columbian coffee beans,".....

The whole composition was restructured around that new backbone of a note by perfumer Jacques Huclier who also created the two preceding masculine Angel fragrances (B* Men with Christine Nagel). Additional notes include a creamy musk, patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver. Top notes are said to be sparkling in order to convey a sense of caffeinated energy. Pure Coffee is described as being less oriental and heavily textured than the original A*Men.

The packaging was made to resemble a bag of coffee beans. The masculine Angel star after having been blue, then red, will be gold this time. A new technological improvement will allow customers to smell the scent without using a blotter as micro-capsules of the perfume are held captive in a rubber sheet on the outer packaging. 

The limited-edition cologne will be available in a single 3.4 oz size for $65 at Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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