Harney & Sons Valentine's Blend: Chocolate Tea With Rosebuds {Gourmet Review} {Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day Challenge - Day 5}

For Valentine's Day, Harney & Sons have prepared a special blend of chocolate-scented tea mixed with rose petals called the Valentine's Blend. The ox-blood red of the tin packaging is appealing with little cherubs and a red heart decorating the paper label to commemorate the day of love, friendship, and affection....

Taste-wise the Valentine's Blend is more about chocolate than roses. When one lifts the lid to the tin box, the aroma of cacao-drenched tea leaves lifts up into the air, conveying the impression of smelling alcoholic and rummy -- A little bit like a chocolate bonbon stuffed with rose liqueur might smell. The roses accent the chocolate aroma but never feel equally present.

Upon brewing, the black tea releases a definite chocolate aroma and flavor, which feels essentially like clear watery chocolate except that when one smells the blend up close, one realizes that a light creamy facet was preserved by the master blenders. The roses are a delight to chew on once gorged with tea. One would have actually wished that there were more petals. It is perhaps not a bad idea to buy some in bulk and add an extra handful to the tin after the first couple of cups. Another thought is to purchase or make rose jam and add it to the tea if you like to drink your cup sweet.

Otherwise the taste of the tea is mellow and round, like many of the Harney and Sons' teas, but not all of them, while providing enough theine to make for an invigorating brew. The dark chocolate flavor is most definitely present as it lingers in the palate after each sip.

Visually, the Valentine's Blend is a treat; opening the canister will probably elicit some squeals of delight if you offer it. The taste is pleasant and comforting and the effect energizing rather than calming. It would make a lovely little gift for Valentine's Day, full of positive vibes.

A 4 oz. tin retails for $7

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