Peach Ginger Twist by Harney & Sons {Fragrant Recipes}

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Although the concept of drinking fruity tea is attractive in principle, oftentimes one feels disappointed by the experience as the "fruit" is simply an added flavor and a very conventional one at that. If the fruit in your tea seems simply to have migrated from a fruit juice or a sweet, you are losing the experience of authenticity that a good tea brings with it. Not so with Peach Ginger Twist by Harney & Sons......

Harney & Sons officially established in 1983, but whose adventure began earlier in 1970 with the purchase of a tea company from a tea old-hand, Stanley Mason, proposes a rich collection of teas. Their philosophy is to make tea the best it can be (full tea leaves) and to make it an affordable everyday luxury (the packaging is charming and even gorgeous when you open the box). Because their turnover is high, as they work with hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, they guarantee the freshness of their products.

We had the opportunity to try Peach Ginger Twist by Harney & Sons the other day our eye having been caught by the rare yellow color of the tin (paler than on the picture) and then the deliciously fragrant deep fruity smell that emanated from the tea box.

Opening the box felt even more of a treat as the tea sachets are packaged not with paper, not with gauze, but with silk organza-looking and berlingot-shaped tea bags. The smell in the box evokes narcotic caramel peaches as the peach together with ginger mix to create a creamy, caramel-like impression. For people who love Mitsouko by Guerlain and Femme by Rochas, they will be able to capture some reminiscences of peachy chypre accents.

The black tea brew is soft and mellow, very well balanced, and enduringly flavorful with a more complex impression than is common to experience with fruity teas. Although there are no dried fruits in the bags, it was initially blended with dried peaches and ginger and then, it seems, additionally scented. The company calls this type of blending HT: "Unique and Uncommon Tea blending."

A tin of 20 sachets retails for $8. A Tagalong tin offering 5 sachets retails for $ 3.50. Available at Harney & Sons

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  1. Mmm, I love their DragonPearl Jasmine Tea, the best jasmin tea I've had. Oh, and I love your blog:)

  2. Thank you for the recommendation Veronica and thank you for your kind words:)

  3. Chere Marie-Helene,
    C'etait une grande surprise de decouvrir que vous aimez tous les choses parfumees ... qui incluent le the!
    What a savory delight .. to read of your delicious description of this fine tea. With your gift of writing,, I could almost taste and smell this fragrant tea. In fact, I ran to kitchen to heat the kettle for another selection of Harney Tea.. "Hot Cinnamon Sunset". Have you tasted this one yet ?
    I , too, enjoyed the visual pleasure of the shape and silky feel of the actual tea bag . It is a treat. I have usually found Harney and Sons teas attractively displayed by the cafe of yet another favorite haunt of mine .. the bookstore barnes N. Noble.
    What could be better on a cold and damp winter day than a cuppa tea, and some great new read !
    Thank you for this recommendation.

    Madelyn E
  4. Dear Madelyn,

    No, I haven't but I plan to explore their collections for the Holidays. It sounds lovely!

    Yes, the packaging is a nice prelude to the gesture of drinking tea itself and prolongs the anticipation of it. The good thing is that one is equally pleased with the drinking.

  5. Hello dear Marie-Helene,
    Your tantalizing description of Harney and Sons -Peach Ginger Twist - prompted me to dash to Barnes N. Noble to taste it myself while perusing some great books. Was I disappointed - no luck. They did not have this peach tea. But---- instead I treated myself to a Harney - Vanilla scented tea . It was so delicious with a true warm vanilla aroma (decaf). I so enjoyed it. Kind of rerminded me of Guerlain's new Spiriteuse Double Vanille .

    Madelyn E
  6. Hi Madelyn,

    It sounds great! I have to start getting organized for Christmas.....


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