Niurka Marcos Jumps on Celebrity Fragrance Bandwagon {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

Niurka Marcos TV Pasino.jpg


Cuban actress, singer, dancer, and erotic model Niurka Marcos is set to launch her signature perfume at the beginning of December 2007 according to People in Spanish. It is reported that she has been working on the fragrance since the beginning of the year. Her goal was to create a scent that would "capture the aroma of sensuality" and attract both men and women.

(Sources: Wikipedia, El Universal via People en espanol; image from TV Pasino) 

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  1. please i would like to know how much the perfume is how can i get it thank you.

  2. you can buy the perfume and the calendar 2009 in internet site compratodoaqui com

  3. niurka marcos is a real p*** every time i see her she is almos naked o well thats how she is bey love

    • You know, you're entitled to your opinion, but on the other hand I don't allow profanity on the site so I bleeped you out.

      Chant Wagner

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