Oxbow for Women & Oxbow for Men (2008) {New Perfumes}

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The French sports and lifestyle brand Oxbow will launch a for-her-and-for-him duo in March of 2008 in France followed by international distribution later in the spring. The scents are inspired by the world of surfers. Oxbow together with creative house Lorience (Lulu Castagnette) wants to capitalize on the relative openness of the market where sports perfume labels are concerned, hoping to compete with Lacoste fragrances........

Oxbow for Women was created by perfumer Philippe Romano of Drom and the men's version by Alexis Dadier of Mane.

The bottles of perfume were designed with an array of symbolisms in mind. According to Cosmetic News, "The scents come in flat heart-shaped bottles inspired by the shape of a tortoise (a symbolic animal for surfers) but also echo the design of contemporary gadgets such as the ipod or computer mouse. The fact that the bottle lies flat also recalls the surfer."

"The EdT is priced from €47 (50ml) to €59 (90ml) for both the men’s and women’s lines. The women’s EdT also comes in a 30ml version, priced at €33."

(Source: Cosmetic News)

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