Happy Thanksgiving To All Our Readers From The Scented Salamander!

Thanksgiving Greetings.jpg

Dear Readers,

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with joys and promises of happiness.

We are off to a big party this afternoon

To hear the sounds of clanking silver on plates, singing crystal, the brouhaha of friendly conversations

These are some of my favorite sounds 

They are the signs that all is well and quiet and peaceful

Have a great feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! And if you are not celebrating Thanksgiving,

Bon Appétit! 

--- Marie-Hélène 

(Image from allposters.com) 

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,
    Your soiree sounds womderful. Wishing you and your husband a Happy Thanksging 1 BTW, which perfume did you choose ?
    Joyeux Thanksgiving !
    Madelyn E

    Madelyn E
  2. Happy thanksgiving Marie-Helene! I look forward to more news and reviews after the extended weekend.

  3. Dear Madelyn,

    Thank you. I hope you a had a lovely time with your family and friends too.

    I chose L'Origan bien sûr:)

    Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, if you follow the latter.

  4. Dear ZZtop,

    Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    I think I'll post during the extended weekend:)


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