Perfume & Mores in America Through The Lens of Ugly Betty {The 5th Sense in the News}


Is perfume consumption tellingly seen today in America as the sign of an addictive personality, the mark of excess, and even the potential cause for murderous rage and death by poison?

Writers Silvio Horta and Bill Wrubel, for an episode of the series Ugly Betty, have answered yes to all of the above and portrayed fragrance as the new path to perdition in Odor in the Court on ABC on Jan 17...

It is perhaps a faint echo of Süskind's outré characterization of the power of perfume, as well as a popularization of the view that fragrance in the working and social places has become the new public enemy for a number of persons suffering from intolerance and/or allergies to perfume and/or fragrance wearers. The story certainly points to anxieties concerning the use of chemicals in perfumes at a time when the green, organic trend is developing more and more.

"The Premise: Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) is unwittingly using a poisoned perfume that may have driven Claire Meade (Judith Light) crazy over six months and caused her to commit murder. The perfume makes Betty feel powerful and passionate, and she begins to crave it - spraying it on her skin and frequently inhaling it.
But she also sweats profusely and begins to complain of headaches and dry mouth as well as feeling hot, itchy, irritable and overly emotional.

Read more in the Los Angeles Times.....

You can watch the trailer for the episode Odor in the Court,

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