Beauty Countdown to the Oscars in the Age of the HD Revolution {Beauty Notes}

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Here is a PR release from the New York Cosmetic, Skin and Laser Surgey Center with some interesting details in it regarding standard cosmetic procedures stars go through to get ready for their big event on Oscar night and counter-act the scrutiny of HD TV viewers. Following our post yesterday about Plasticopedia, it just makes you realize further how beauty is a highly professionalized business for red-carpet attendees. Botox in the armpits to prevent you from perspiring and spoiling your couture gown? Interesting.

Dr. Rokhsar is a specialist of non-invasive surgery techniques, including the 15 mn non-surgical nose job (he uses injections of a filler substance called Radiesse, a calcium substance very close to the type found in our bones and teeth).

New York, NY (February 26, 2008) - Long before the crash diets and extreme workout plans go into effect, Hollywood's hottest stars are planning out their beauty regimens - right down to the minute they walk the red carpet! Aside from typical hair, makeup and shapewear, movie stars are known for "cheating" their way to perfect skin, plump lips, and smooth-as-silk foreheads with the latest cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, a Board-Certified Dermatologic Surgeon practicing in the posh Upper East Side of New York City.

According to Dr. Rokhsar, "Hollywood has most of Americans fooled. They tell reporters things like 'Oh, I just do yoga and pilates and drink lots of water!' when they really have meticulous schedules set months in advance of awards season to guarantee they will look flawless on the big night." Dr. Rokhsar explains both the quick fixes and the long-term planning that goes on leading up to the Oscars - the biggest night in Tinsel Town:...

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Oscar Beauty Countdown

One to Two Months Before:

  • Fraxel Laser Treatments: The "HD Revolution" has left many stars young and old concerned about the appearance of their skin to millions of viewers at home. According to Dr. Rokhsar, "laser treatments are ideal for a person looking to erase acne scars, age spots, sun damage, surgical scars and melasma (the "mask of pregnancy"). However, most laser treatments leave a person's skin looking raw and painful." Dr. Rokhsar offers an effective and less invasive option with Fraxel Laser Treatments, which target fractions of the skin instead of the entire face. Dr. Rokhsar recommends four to five treatments for optimal results without any side effects and minimal downtime (usually 2-3 days). "Fraxel is perfect for people who want to literally look picture perfect," says Dr. Rokhsar, "in an age where viewers can literally see the surface of a stars skin, it is practically a requirement for stars to look flawless."

Two Weeks Before:

  • Juvederm: While Dr. Rokhsar admits Angelina Jolie's lips are the real-deal, several A-listers making appearances at the Oscars had more than a little help with their perfectly plump pouts. According to Dr. Rokhsar, "the aging process causes a person's lips to lose elasticity and vibrancy. In many cases they can appear dehydrated and shriveled - definitely not a "do" at this year's Oscars." For these cases, Dr. Rokhsar enlists the aid of Juvederm, smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid - a naturally occurring substance in skin that adds volume and hydration. In one setting it is injected into the lips to restore them to their former plumpness and glory.

One Week Before:

  • BOTOX: Hollywood's favorite quick fix by far is Botox, and Dr. Rokhsar explains there is more than one use for the wrinkle reducer, "aside from using Botox in the face, stars also have it injected into their armpits to halt sweat glands from ruining their designer gowns." Botox for the armpits can have effects lasting up to one year. Botox in the face can last up to four months, but Dr. Rokhsar recommends coordinating treatments one week before big events so the effects are at their max.

  • Non-Surgical Eye Lift: Stars might be losing sleep over the big night; the average person is none the wiser thanks to Dr. Rokhsar's revolutionary Non-Surgical Eye Lift. The cosmetic filler Restalyne is injected into the lower eyelids reducing the appearance of puffiness or bags under the eyes. "This procedure only takes about 15 minutes and the results can be seen immediately. It's perfect for stars who don't have the time to get a surgical eye lift procedure or want to maintain a more natural look in their eyes."

The Night Before:

Cortisone Shots: All the stress leading up to the Oscars can leave some stars with unsightly breakouts. According to Dr. Rokhsar, "Cortisone injection into the blemish can help flatten the pimple and make it easier to cover with makeup." Dr. Rokhsar uses a solution of diluted corticosteroid to lessen inflammation and promote healing. "It also is great for stars who do not want a bad breakout to cause scarring on their skin," says Dr. Rokhsar.

About Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Cameron K. Rokhsar, M.D. F.A.A.D., F.A.A.C.S., an internationally renowned laser surgeon, is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and in private practice in New York at the New York Aesthetic Consultants. A board certified dermatologist, he completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, followed by his medical school training at The New York University School of Medicine where he received his doctorate of medicine. After his internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, he completed his dermatology residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City where he was honored for his teaching and leadership skills as Chief Resident. Dr. Rokhsar went on to receive fellowship training in cosmetic, laser and dermatologic surgery in San Diego.

More information available at Cosmetic Laser Skin Surgery

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