Caron Perfume Sample Program {Shopping Tip}


We recently discovered that The house of Caron offers a very convenient perfume sampling program for those who cannot make it to their boutiques in New York City or Paris or prefer to sample at leisure at home. You can order any number of samples you wish for $5 each. They come packaged in adorable little individual cardboard boxes stamped with Caron's trademark gold dots and reading Caron Paris. As I ordered, amongst others, a sample of Lady Caron (a stupendous tuberose-gardenia scent by André Fraysse, review forthcoming), they also sent a lovely luxury miniature booklet telling the story of this special perfume. It is a collector's item.

Just call (212) 319-4888 to order the samples of your choice.

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  1. Lucky you, or those living in NY! I wrote them (Caron in Paris) but they didn't even bother to write back. :)

    Octavian Coifan
  2. I don't think it's luck. They have special packaging for samples so it is one of the services they offer, at least in NYC.

  3. Does anyone out there know where I can find Pour un Homme CARON alcohole-free roll on deoderant?I've been searching with no luck.I've used the product before and I can't find it anymore.Any lead would be appreciated.

    bruce nouri
  4. I am in dakar where I found Royal bain de Caron does any one know the history of this fragrance?


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