It's All In The Grain Of The Ribbon {The Fifth Sense in the News}

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Here is an article that will make you appreciate the efforts that go into marketing a luxury fragrance, the new Chloé in this case. In the best tradition inaugurated by François Coty, the container is seen to be as crucial as the contents of the perfume bottle. Every detail counts in order to convey the right message about a particular perfume and more importantly, the brand behind it that sends it out as an ambassador of its image. Guess how long it took to find the perfect ribbon?....

"You may think that creating a new fragrance is all about smells. But you'd be wrong. In the $30bn global world of fragrance, you can't just rely on a new juice tickling a woman's nose, it has to tickle her other senses too, fire her desire on so many other levels. It's a little like love - pheromones can break the ice but they'll never be the whole story.

That's why the folks at Coty, perhaps best known these days for generating the rise of the celebrity fragrance (try not to hold it against them, they had nothing to do with Britney Spears), spent four months searching for some top-notch ribbon for the new fragrance for the Chloé fashion house."

Read more in the Financial Times..... 


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