Guerlain Habit de Métal (2008) {New Fragrance}



Guerlain is preparing to introduce a limited-edition of its classic men's fragrance equally beloved by women, Habit Rouge (1965), called Habit de Métal (Metallic Frock).

It is not altogether clear whether the jus itself was changed, but the mention of a note of "wild leather" in the base notes seems to indicate that it was updated to include more recently crafted fragrance molecules.....

The press copy puts the stress more on the change of packaging, which is described as being "modern, quasi futuristic, and geometric"...and metallic.

According to the press release, the limited edition is just a repackaging to celebrate the 180 years of the brand (via Osmoz).

Notes are: lemon, mandarin, orange, bergamot, spices, woods, wild leather, vanilla amber and benzoin. 

(Source: The Moodie Report) 

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  1. It is just a special bottle, not a new fragrance. I was told by a Guerlain SA in the shop. The same is for Eau de Shalimar which is their Eau légère rebranded.:)

    Octavian Coifan
  2. Well I have to correct you on this one. I know at Guerlain they will say that the formula hasn't changed, though I now for a fact that it is not the same fragrance. You should try the two versions and you will notice that the metal fragrance has a softer ( read commercial ) note. i must say that this is a really nice new interpretation of the classic Habit Rouge. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Stephen! It is true that Guerlain usually say that the formulas have not changed while it might have in fact.

      I did not smell the new one, but will be keeping in mind to do so.

      Chant Wagner

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