Jean Paul Gaultier Monsieur Eau du Matin (2008) {New Cologne} + Monsieur Beauty Products {Beauty Notes}



Jean Paul Gaultier is preparing to launch a beauty care line for men called simply and explicitly Monsieur as well as a fragrance that is part of it called Monsieur: Eau du Matin (the aesthetics of the ad look quite a bit like those of Antidote). It will be commercialized from April 1st 2008. Like his previous beauty line Le Beau Mâle it is destined to men who feel free from conventions and love grooming....


The line goes a step further than the now more common skin care lines for men by including products such as a bronzer and even a Brow Definer Pencil and Brow Groomer.

You can watch a video in Italian describing the range, 


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  1. Oh la la! How inexpensive packaging for all the line. Hope the put all the money in the fragrance. It's funny to note that marketing, after all the fantasy put into men's products to make them more "seductive", returns to basics and the old school! Do you have any idea about the fragrance itself?

    I agree with you about Antidote but there is also ... Paul Smith Story inside the graphics. It reminds me the idea of librarian and "genuine nerd look" that would not wear a fragrance but rather a cologne!
    It's also quite unusual for JPG's subversive ideas.

    Octavian Coifan
  2. I have to say that I was looking at the packaging and thinking that it was a bit of a departure from the usual Gaultier Glamour.

    I have no info on the notes. Will add them if I come across these.

    To me Antidote and Monsieur here seem to express something of that atmosphere of violence and raw reality linked with immigration in Europe and the suburbs.

  3. I'm rather disappointed in the packaging, being a devotee of the original line.

    Did Jean-Paul think that plain and ugly packaging would entice more men to use this line?


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