Lenman & Kemp 1808, Restless (2008) Makers of Florida Water To Venture Into The Luxury Perfume Business {New Perfumes} {The 5th Sense in the News}


New-Jersey based historic company Lanman & Kemp-Barclay & Co., makers of Florida Water have chosen the day of their 200th anniversary to announce that they will release two new perfumes this year meant to position them in a new segment of the market, the luxury one.

One of the two planned releases is a men's cologne called 1808 named after the date of their establishment coinciding also with the introduction of Florida Water. The other is a feminine jus called Restless. Both will be priced around $50, sold in department stores, and "compete with name brands such as Intuition for men by Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein's Obsession."....

The history of the brand and Florida Water in particular is rich. It is especially popular with the Hispanic community. It is part also of a magical tradition and Florida Water is an accessory used in vodoo rituals. This "Good Luck" tradition will be stressed as well with the releases of Zodiac perfume sets,

"The new fragrances will revive brand names not used by the company since the 1930s and compete with the biggest names in perfume, not the current Lanman & Kemp rivals, such as Caswell-Massey, 4711, English Leather and Club Man.

Lanman & Kemp has other marketing initiatives on deck. In December, it will launch a line of "Good Luck" kits with fragrances and soap based on zodiac signs. The company's marketing campaign is tied to psychic Walter Mer cado, who has a large following in the Hispanic community."

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