Mona Di Orio Amyitis (2008) {New Fragrance}



Mona Di Orio has released her fifth creation called Amyitis. It comes after Lux, Carnation, Nuit Noire, and Oiro and is said to have been inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon. It is somewhat of a departure from her other fragrances as this time it proposes to explore fully the feeling of freshness,.....

"The hanging gardens of Babylon were built to please the queen Amyitis. The feeling of being in balance with yourself and nature, unburdened and peaceful, inspired Mona to create this fresh green fragrance. Like a walk in a magical garden where the colors and perfumes are sublimated." 

Top notes: caraway, savory, capsicum, green leaves

Heart notes: iris, violet, gaïac wood, cedar of Virginia

Base notes: saffron, opoponax, moss, amber 

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  1. It's actually her fifth fragrance. She als did a jasmine based perfume called oiro.

    Ciao, Frederik

  2. Absolutely. It was just smack in front of me. For some reason, I skipped that part!



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