Balmain Ambre Gris: More Info (2008)

 Balmain Ambre Gris - the cap represents a couture thimble and grey amber is evoked through the elegant grey coloring of the jus.
Following our previous announcement about the upcoming Balmain Ambre Gris, more details are now available. The fragrance was composed by perfumer Guillaume Flavigny from Givaudan who created La Môme as well for Balmain in 2007.....

The artistic director is Christophe Decarnin.

The fragrance will be more widely distributed this time (1300 doors) than La Môme which was exclusive to Marionnaud.

The composition is built around rich, dark notes full of character such as - besides grey amber - immortelle, tuberose, and myrrh. It sounds as close to our fantasy of a chocolate-y tuberose accord as it gets (immortelle can be very tarry and has nuances of burnt caramel and coffee)

According to French Vogue (April 2008) while the perfume is dark, leathery, woodsy, the tuberose in it was lightly dosed.

Christophe Decarnin is reported to have said that the brand used some real ambre gris while insisting at the same time that no animal was killed in the process. In fact, you do not need to kill a whale to get its ambergris, especially so since it is valuable and becomes truly ambergris only after it has come to float on the surface of the sea over a long period of time.

Although marketed as a women's fragrance, it offers a unisex character.

Notes: pink pepper, cinnamon, tuberose, immortelle, myrrh, smoky gaïac wood, benzoin, white musks, ambergris 

Prices: 40 ml for 44 €, 75 ml for 64 €. 

(Via Profession-Beauté, Images de Parfums Forum

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