David Yurman by David Yurman (2008) {New Fragrance}

Jeweler David Yurman has unveiled his upcoming debut signature fragrance, David Yurman. It is a floral chypre, which to us is an indication that the brand is opting for a certain measure of sophistication as opposed to going the fruity-floral or gourmand routes....

The perfume was created by nose Harry Fremont from Firmenich. According to Women's Wear Daily the scent offers a linear, seamlessly blended character,

"[It] opens with vibrant mandarin, fresh green petals and cassis, built around a core of peony, water lily, natural rose otto, patchouli, exotic woods and soft musk. “There is a femininity to it, but it’s a lot like people describe our jewelry to be — masculine and feminine,” said Sybil Yurman. In fact, the fragrance’s structure was inspired by one of Yurman’s jewelry designs, a bouquet of stones, she said. “With that piece, you don’t really see one individual color, you see an essence of color with the mix. This fragrance is similar — it isn’t about a top note, middle note. It’s about a bouquet that you smell at the same time. We didn’t want the fragrance to be defined by any one note.”

The price positioning is higher than average at $120, which David Yurman equates to "a good tip in a restaurant for four people.” He has a point there. At least, $200 is not the new $100 for him.

The bottle was designed with artistic director David Lipman. The cap evokes the Cable Collection jewelry and the neck, David Yurman's wedding band. The flacon is made of Italian crystal.

Eaux de parfum sprays will be sold in two sizes: 1.7 oz. for $120 and 2.5 oz. for $165. As well, a 6.7-oz. body cream will be offered for $80.

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  1. I think this is a new fragrance and I am sure that its scent will be gorgeous!


    Armine Abrahamyan
  2. it is beautiful! And the scent is lasting!

  3. My husband and I both LOVE this fragrance by David Yurman!!

  4. I am a perfume junkie and this is by far the best I've ever worn. I have a person at Nordstrom's who calls me to inform me of new fragrances and this was one of them. I was unable to afford the cologne and the body cream together, but I made the sacrifice. You can't possibly wear one without the other. I am in love with the fragrance. It is a head turner. A much more mature man was following me around the grocery store and I was getting a little concerned. Finally, he told me that he was following me because he wanted to know the name of the fragrance I was wearing. I gave him the name and told him that it would be a great gift for his wife. :)

    Clarissa Taylor
    • That means the perfume suits you well -- I meant to review it but there were so many things happening outside of the blog that it is still sitting on my kilometer-long to-do list.

      Chant Wagner
  5. the scent is very lovely i yust receice it as a present from my husband

    shamila romondt

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