Laura Biagiotti Donna (2008) {New Perfume} - TV Commercial {Perfume Images & Adverts}


Italian designer Laura Biagiotti, who is well-known in the perfume world for some distinctive fragrances such as Venezia (discontinued alas) and Roma, launched a new feminine composition called Donna in February of 2008 .

The scent is said to be inspired by the spirit of both ancient and modern Rome seemingly inscribing itself in the "Beautiful Italy" current of inspiration and trend. Among less common combinations of notes, it features Stephanotis in the heart and a cereal accord in the base...... 

Top notes are cassis, plum, peach blossom. Heart notes are Stephanotis, jasmine, lychee, white orchid and white pepper. The base is said to replicate the sensation of a second skin in its texture with woody and amber-y notes. Sandalwood, cedar wood, cereal accord, and white musk complete the composition.

The flacon was designed by Hamburg-based designer Peter Schmidt who also created the Roma bottle representing an antique Roman pillar.  

The perfume retails for 37 €, 51 €, and 70 €. 

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You can watch the TV spot for the fragrance,


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