Old Spice Commercials with Will Ferrell as the Sweat Expert: Vote for your Favorites {Perfume Images & Adverts} {Notebook: Fresh & Clean}

The "semi-pro" lecturing on Old Spice ProStrength deodorant 

Old Spice has hired actor Will Ferrell in his role as Jackie Moon from the movie "Semi-Pro" to play the sweat expert talking to millions of extra perspiring people from the intimacy of his locker room.

The Old Spice website which was already a riot to read with such immortal lines as "Like a bullrider about to leave the chute give yourself a slap of manhood with the Old Spice Splash Cologne" now features a series of comedic commercials with Will Ferrell for the new deodorant called Old Spice ProStrength. Smile and laughter guaranteed. You can vote for the best ones and your voting unlocks further videos......

“Tapping Will Ferrell for the Pro Strength commercials was a natural for Old Spice
after the success the brand saw with ‘Talladega Nights,’” said Mark Fitzloff, creative
director, Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, the creative agency that handles Old Spice.  “Plus
Will was fantastic at the shoot.  He gave us so much material that it was difficult to choose which ones to use.” 

You can help out,

Old Spice Commercials with Jackie Moon the Sweat Expert

(via Old Spice website) 


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