Détour des Sens: Understanding Paris Through Perfume & Vice Versa {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


Sylvie Daumain, a perfume specialist, loves two things in life: Paris and Perfumes. Sounds familiar?

She has now decided to offer a new service for people who are less familiar with the City of Lights than she is.

We know that many perfumistas feel it is a must at some point in their lives to go visit Paris the Mecca of perfumes and it can be helpful to be introduced to a new universe by a guide and one passionate about fragrances at that.

Her company called Détour des Sens (deh-toor-deh-saunce) or "Senses in a Roundabout Way") proposes you to take a walk around Paris and to listen to how the city was glamorized and interpreted through the work of perfumers and their creations.....

It might be a good way to kick-start your stay.

The visit lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours and ends at the Café de Paris. During the stroll you are invited to discover classic French fragrances (Patou, Caron...) as well as explore newer brands (Divine, Annick Goutal...) and hunt out perfumes only available in Paris.

Other options are offered, explained in four languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian) on her website, including training workshops and a gourmet lunch break at Apicius associated with the discovery of relevant perfumes. 

Many thanks to perfume consultant Nathalie Pichard for the tip! 


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