Molinard M2M Advert: Tom Ford would be Proud {Scented Images & Adverts}



Happening on the advert for M2M by Molinard makes one realize that Tom Ford may attract controversy but that advertisers have quietly unveiled men's bottoms for a while and placed the perfume bottle in a strategic location to give you ideas about...mmmm....buying the cologne....

While the ad for Molinard was bathed in a chiaro oscuro that made it poetic enough to pass as "artistic"and respectful of mainstream mores, the advert imagined by Tom Ford last year had something more crude and pornographic about it that made you afraid you might suddenly spot a zit or an in-grown hair on the skin of the model. It felt tense too with the model not wanting to let go of the bottle, ever. It felt like you rather wanted to leave that bottle where it was so conveniently nestled lest you might get hurt in the process of extracting it. Maybe a little Amex placed higher up would have been an encouraging sign that this was possible and a convenient tool too for getting the flacon out without having to worry about sanitation.

M2M now renamed M M was introduced in 2004 and was created by perfumer Marie Duchêne.

Image via Au Féminin 

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  1. LOL!!
    Or simply advertisers have cottoned up to the fact that a great percentage of men who buy scent are homosexuals, so they think a little male bottom can't hurt.
    Of course that leaves men who are not and might be repelled in a critical place, as well as homosexuals who do not like such preconceived images or women who do not want to see men's butts (I am hypothesizing here) etc etc.
    One can't please them all!

  2. I asked my significant other what he thought of the ads. He thought that M2M was "tame" and Tom Ford for Men, "very gay".


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