Lostmarc'H Gwidor, Tan, Bae (2008) {New Fragrances - Candles}


Brittany-based niche perfume house Lostmarch'H about which we reported last year has now launched three new fragrances in their home candle range. They are called Gwidor, Tan, and Bae. The names are in Britton and the brand continues to draw their inspiration from a strong sense of regional identity....

Gwidor is a gourmand scent which smells of brioche and chestnuts and is meant to evoke the "memories of childhood snacks".....

Tan recreates the memory of an antiques store sitting on a Sunday afternoon by the fire.

Bae is a homage paid to the bracing freshness of the air on the coast of Brittany, "our Brittany" as the brand emphasizes.

Each candle retails for 36 €. The products, as of today, appear on the French version of the catalogue, in English.

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