Acqua di Biella Cashmere Twill in Le Vie della Lana Collection (2008) {New Fragrance - New Line}


Acqua di Biella, established in 1871, have introduced a new and even novel line of perfumes including bath and beauty products inspired by wool called Le Vie della Lana (The Ways of the Wool).

The first fragrance to appear in the collection this spring is titled Cashmere Twill and is a unisex composition by perfumer Maurizio Cerrizza incorporating an intriguing "essence of wool" in the top notes.....



Acqua di Biella plans on issuing a new fragrance in this series every one to two years. Le Vie della Lana Collection,

"...invokes the fascinating fresco of Biellese life, the folk stories, the sensations and the scenes of the world of wool, all inseparably linked to the history of her family, to her roots in the Biellese region, but also to the lands which produce the greatest wools of the world, Australia, Asia and South America."

Cashmere Twill:

Top notes: Essence of Wool - Raspberry Leaves
Bergamot of Calabria - Sicilian Lemon

Heart notes: Iris Water - Magnolia of Eastern Asia
Cardamomo of Ceylon - Yunnan Anice

Base notes: Cedar of Lebanon - Vetiver - White Moss
Ambretta Seeds

The Eau de Parfum is bottled both in a limited edition crystal flacon and a regular one.

Le Vie della Lana also includes a Bath Foam, Body Lotion, After-bath Oil, Bath Oil, and Bath Salts and features,

"a rare and extremely valued derivative of Cashmere having amazing dermatological properties. It will be named at the launch of the line. Its ingredients, completely natural combining with Cashmere keratin, noticeably increase elasticity, mechanical, chemical and physical resistance, electrostatic properties and water absorption."

(Via Acqua di Biella press release)

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