Les Parfums de Rosine Zéphir de Rose (2008) {New Fragrance}



Les Parfums de Rosine have launched their latest creation, Zéphir de Rose (Rose Zephyr), based on a rose and anise accord, "an English rose emanating an anise fragrance." It was composed by perfumer François Robert who de facto officiates as the in-house nose. The intent was to put the emphasis on an ethereal and wind-swept rose thanks to the coolness and airiness of anise......


Following Diabolo Rose last year, it prolongs the theme of an aromatic rose for the warmer seasons, "An ethereal rose, a pure rose, a cool brushing air on a roses’ field." You can also see the review for Rose Kashmirie, which was composed for fall and winter 2007. 

Zéphir de Rose:  

Top notes: anise - basil - rose

Heart note: Bulgarian rose essence

Base notes: Damas rose - ambrette 

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  1. I have just tried a sample of this and it's totally awesome!


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