Rose Kashmirie by Les Parfums de Rosine {New Fragrance}

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Les Parfums de Rosine will introduce a new fragrance this fall called Rose Kashmirie. The perfume, described as a warm, soft, luminous and spicy rose concoction, is inspired by the colors, aromas and mythology of India. One of its main ingredients, saffron, mystically blooms from October to November. The perfume will be launched officially in October 2007 although it will be available sooner in select retail points. The fragrance was composed by nose François Robert in collaboration with the founder and owner of the house, Marie-Hélène Rogeon......

The description of the notes reads almost like a poem. 

Top notes include:

Red strands of saffron from Kashmiria

Essence of Bulgarian Rose

Spicy seeds of coriander 

Green peel of Sicilian bergamot

Heart notes are:

Red peonies from China

Damascene Rose absolute 

Resin from myrrh or Bdellium from India

Base notes unfold with:

Woodsy oil from Nagar Motha

Black vanilla pods

Roots of Indian vetiver or Khus

Sacred sandalwood

Benzoin tears

Ambrette seeds that smell of musk


The flacon is the standard one used by Les Parfums de Rosine decorated this time with a silken rope interweaving Indian rose, saffron yellow, and musky green. The lozenge in the middle of the box is inspired by a motif found on ancient Indian textiles.

Suggested retail prices are 70 Euros for 50 ml and 90 Euros for 100 ml. 

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(Source: Les Parfums de Rosine press release)

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  1. Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to try it...Thank you.

  2. You're welcome:) And my thanks to you too for your kind words regarding the review of Jardins de Bagatelle. I meant to ask you the reference of that review by Luca Turin as I would be interested in reading it.


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