Video Interview on the Perfume Industry {Scented Images}


The following video interview is excerpted from a DVD titled "Au coeur du parfum" put out by Givaudan. In this 4: 42 mn segment you will see a short interview with Gérard Delcour the president of the Comité Français du Parfum and a slightly longer one with perfumer Christine Nagel.......


We learn that 220 000 bottles of perfume are sold every day in France and that a French consumer spends between 205-206 Euros on average per year on fragrances.

Christine Nagel explains that she considers her profession not so much as work as a passion. She wished she could create the perfume of happiness, a utopian proposition by her own admittance, and that she could travel with the scents of loved ones bottled in little flacons.

Perfumers need to be filled with impossible dreams and desires, this is what motivates them. Her greatest happiness as a perfumer comes from smelling one of her scents on people on the street as a perfume is made of so much emotion on the part of the perfumer.

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