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On May 15th 2008, the first meeting of the Congrès Cosmétotextiles (Cosmetotextile Congress) took place in Tours, France one of the annual conferences that are part of the activities of the competitive pole of the Cosmetic Valley. It introduces to the wider public a new generation of cosmetic products dubbed "intelligent textiles" (textiles intelligents) part of a branch of the beauty industry called "sensory cosmetics" (cosmétique sensorielle)

A slimming outfit below by Lytess, not thanks to elastic pressure but to the release of active ingredients.....


Research is conducted by the first European laboratory in this field, Labo C & T. So far this project which started in 2006 and has as of today a 3-year deadline has managed to set up a protocol of verification - a label of quality is needed - researched new methods of micro-encapsulation, and succeeded in finding the right dosages lasting through a definite number of washes that can be immediately used in commercial cosmetotextiles.

These improved smart textiles will be able to help you slim, hydrate, firm your skin, tan sunless and perfume yourself thanks to active ingredients diffused through the textiles. The clothing afterwards can be used as a standard fashion accessory.

Via Congrès Cosmétotextiles press release 

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