Kenzo Jungle pour Homme (1998) Advert with Satya Oblet {Perfume Adverts}



Kenzo Jungle Homme was created by Olivier Cresp and launched in 1998. It has notes of Maté, nutmeg, musk mallow seeds, Atlas cedar, blue cedar from Lebanon.

The 1999 advert features model Satya Oblet, who is now the new face for the Airness range of masculine fragrances. He recounts that he saw his luck turn after he'd bleached his hair citing the fact that his dark skin was a problem for him to land modeling contracts. It's impossible not to notice him now!

Image: tifdb 

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  1. OK, I tried to be serious here. Oliver Cresp and all that. Pssst, the emperor has no clothes and this is a picture of a man with a bottle of COLOGNE on his head! HAHAHAHA!

  2. Love your new look!

  3. Thanks! We're actually still going to make a few more changes!


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