Paco Rabanne 1 Million (2008) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Fashion designer Paco Rabanne known for his daring use of metals in the 1960s-1970s on fashion runways as well as for his life-long interest in astrology and numerology is bringing together these two sources of inspiration in a new fragrance for men to be launched in August 2008 called 1 Million.

The new cologne is said to feature a coppery note seldom used in men's perfumes and is packaged in a spray bottle looking like a gold bar.....

According to product manager Frédérique Appaire,

"...pour Paco Rabanne « 1 million » n'est rien de moins que le premier numéro d'un nouveau système de pensée. Même si le flacon représente le logo d'un lingot d'or, le conférencier a soutenu que l'or n'est pas le sujet essentiel. Certes, le monde est géré par l'argent, mais cependant le but essentiel d'un être humain est de réaliser ses rêves, et ce, dans un concentré de fantasme."

"...for Paco Rabanne «1 million» is none other than the first figure of a new system of thought. Even if the bottle represents the logo of a gold bar, the lecturer insisted that gold is not the main point. Indeed the world is ruled by money, yet the fundamental goal of human beings is to make their dreams come true, and this, in the condensed form of fantasies"

Three perfumers worked on 1 Million, among them Christophe Raynaud. The jus took 18 months to create and included 1800 trials. The scent is characterized by "an excess of synthetic and natural materials".

According to the description, the perfume opens on sparkling and luminous notes which include grapefruit, mint, and blood orange. The heart comprises an absolute of rose, cinnamon, and spices. The base rests upon leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli. The coppery accord is somewhere there.

For a glimpse of the Zeitgeist, see also Comme des Garçons 8 88, which is based on a gold accord.

Via El Watan

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  1. I want to have this perfume if only for that stunning bottle! I know, I'm a magpie. :)
    Seriously though, the jus seems like a labor of love. Rose has been absent from mainstream masculines for quite some time. Are we to experience a revival similar to that of orange blossom? Thanks for the news, M-H!

  2. You're welcome Dusan -- it sounds like an interesting fragrance, doesn't it?

    I am interested by the fact that they went for a masculine cologne rather than a unisex one. Gold and other metals are still easily neutral-smelling in my mind. Will we see a gender-coding of metals leaning towards the masculine?

  3. Wearing Men's Fragrances is just one more of many ways for people to hide from their own self like sun glasses and many more fashion products.I have herd that there is a new make up for man brand.

    Men's Fragrances
  4. Or wearing avoid their naked bodies and others'. Hmm, I think there is room for a range of motivations, don't you think? It doesn't necessarily need to be seen in a negative light.

  5. I was given One Million as a gift (it will cost over 100 usd) at its private launch by its sponsor BNP PARIBAS the French bank. This is a great product. Great, unique scent in a cool matt gold container. I would recommend using it only for special occasions.

  6. hey can anyone tell me where i can order this cologne ASAP?? A site or anything.... cant find it anywhere...

    marek feltl
  7. I just bought it today. I never heard of the brand so you're gonna get a naive opinion of it. I only have 3 other fragrances. JS Sunmen, Bulvgarie pour homme and Joop! Jump (which I don't really like but it was a gift).

    This one is great. It is pretty sweet, which I normally don't really like, but it is done well. It radiates some kind of sexual energy I think and has something very new and fresh to it. It's not really young or adolecent, it's still mature but really sexy. I love this one. I wouldn't wear it to your appointment with your banker no. Rather when your going out.

    I am very happy I bought this one.

    Lu M
  8. i bought 1million from the duty free in dubai and it was really the right choice i will give it 100% feedback

    faisal yassine
  9. yeah, great one.first class. i used since now Dunhill Desire,Zegna,and XS for classic outfits, but i think i will use this one from now.very good one.

  10. is really very nice,thought i haven't got one for myself.....

  11. PACO ROBANNE is on of the best perfume,i think i will buy 7 more

  12. I love your site. Is the contest still on where you can win the million paco rabonne fragrance?
    Thanks Gloria

    Gloria Tilleman

    • Thanks! No, actually the contest is over!

      Chant Wagner

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