Waterford Lismore (2008) {New Fragrance}


Waterford, the crystal ware brand will introduce a debut fragrance on July 11th 2008 called Lismore. Described as a "sensual-yet-light-hearted melange" and advertised as "The Most Romantic Perfume in the World" it was created by Firmenich.

According to the press release,

"A namesake of Waterford’s most popular design pattern, Lismore’s soft and romantic nuances make for a truly unique scent, so different on every woman that it can become their own individual fragrance signature......

The beauty of the fragrance itself is matched only by its exquisite crystal packaging.  Waterford’s Master Craftsmen designed Lismore so that after the perfume is gone, the crystal bottle morphs into a crystal bud vase.  Lismore’s dual purposes make for an ideal gift for birthdays, brides-to-be, anniversaries and holidays.  A sterling silver collar for the Lismore bottle, engraved with “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary,” is also available to customers, to further personalize the fragrance."

"Primary top notes" are water lily, freesia, ylang ylang, rose, and mandarin; "Primary middle notes" are carnation, peony, night blooming jasmine; "Primary base notes" are orchid vanilla, precious woods, musk, and violet.

"Lismore is available exclusively at Bloomingdales and on Bloomingdales.com beginning July 11th.  For a limited time only at Bloomingdales, customers will have the opportunity to purchase a collectors’ edition 1 oz. bottle designed by Jim O’Leary, Waterford Crystal Design Director.  Only 100 bottles of this collectors’ edition will be crafted and will retail for $500.00."

A 50 ml Eau de Parfum is priced at $65 and a 100 ml one at $90.

(Via Waterford press release) 


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  1. I do not live anywhere near a Bloomies where can I find it online?

    Pat Caracena
  2. This is my favorite spring fragrance! it smells so much like my discontinued HG Laura Ashley no.1!!! *sobs in happiness*

  3. I adore this scent. It smells like sexy flowers.


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