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Following up on the critique of the launch party of Prada Infusion d'Homme (see previous post), here is another point of view that explains the conceptual and artistic ambitions of Prada's non-conventional perfume advertising project, which actually aims to encourage the workings of your imagination rather than immediately make you buy the product. It is an anti-impulse-buying position and more about becoming attached to the universe represented by the perfume, its unmistakable coolness and sense of difference, thus touching upon one of the big instincts for perfume-buying: to set yourself apart with a few drops of scent and delineate your personal space in a society that can be alienating,

"Prada has launched a project that distances itself from traditional perfume advertising to obtain more coherent results with its contemporary vision of the world of today’s men.

This cultural project overturns traditional thought and breaks away from the usual easy approach to follow a new experimental path. It prompts and encourages a specific thought process in the viewer that elicits absolutely personal sensations.....

For this project, Prada contacted nine young directors from the most important international production houses and asked them to produce short films. The directors were given complete creative freedom and were asked to express in images what the perfume Infusion d’Homme triggered in their imagination. The only restriction was the result: it had to be a short story with visionary content, not a commercial."

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You can watch all 9 movies on Prada.com 

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